How do I register my new car?


In Belgium, you are required to register your car with the Department for Registration of Vehicles (DIV). Without registration, you won't get a license plate and you can't legally drive on the road.

You can contact your insurer to arrange registration. If you take out insurance with Cardoen, we will take care of your registration.

Registration is done in several steps:

  1. You receive your application for registration from the seller.
  2. You send the application for enrollment to your insurer.
  3. Your insurer delivers the application to the DIV.
  4. No later than 2 days after your application, you normally receive the license plates. You can choose whether they are sent to your home or to the car dealer.

Do you have the license plates delivered to your home? Make sure you have 30 euros cash on hand, because you can't pay the delivery person by card.

Do you have the license plates delivered to Cardoen? Then we will receive them and install them on your car. You can pay the 30 euros with Bancontact when you pick up your car.