How does the Cardoen extended warranty work?


If you buy a car less than 3 years old from Cardoen, you can extend the standard warranty to a maximum of 10 years, with a one-time payment of 549 euros.

The warranty is then extended to 10 years after the first registration, or until you have driven 150,000 km. After 150,000 km, your extended warranty automatically expires. For cars with a day registration, the date of the day registration counts as the start of the 10-year period.

You pay a total maximum 500 euro deductible, during the entire warranty period, even if you have to call on the warranty several times. For example, if you pay 350 euros the first time, you have to pay a maximum of 150 euros the next time, regardless of the cost of repair under warranty.

The extended warranty covers all defective parts, except for wear and tear and all working hours in case of a manufacturing defect.

The warranty does not cover the following:

  • Damage due to wear and tear
  • Labor hours and materials for maintenance
  • Damage following an accident, glass breakage and own damage
  • Damage due to vandalism, wrong use of the car and gross negligence
  • Damage due to off-road use in case of a 4x4
  • Damage to the roof mechanism of convertibles

All details about the extended warranty can be found here.