What are the differences between the models: monovolume, sedan, estate, SUV, coupé and convertible? 


A monovolume is a car that consists of 1 space, with no separation between the trunk and the rest of the car. 

A sedan, also called a berline, has a lowered trunk that is not accessible from the passenger compartment.

A break, also called a station wagon, has a large trunk space and the roof extends to the end of the trunk. A station wagon has a lower roof than a monovolume.

SUV stands for "Sports Utility Vehicle. Therefore, an SUV is a car with a sporty appearance, a higher seating position and a large trunk. SUV is not the same as 4x4, as most SUVs do not have permanent all-wheel drive.

In a coupé, the roof is shorter and the rear of the car slopes downward. This gives it a sportier look. Often rear seat space is limited by the shorter roof and sometimes there is no rear seat.

A convertible is a car with a fold-down roof. By default, we do not have new convertibles in our range, only sporadically in the used range.