What is the difference between a monovolume, an SUV and a light cargo?


A monovolume is a car that consists of 1 space, with no separation between the trunk and the rest of the car.

SUV stands for "Sports Utility Vehicle. Therefore, an SUV is a car with a sporty appearance, a higher seating position and a large trunk. SUV is not the same as 4x4, as most SUVs do not have permanent all-wheel drive.

A light cargo is a vehicle specially designed and equipped to transport goods weighing up to 3,500kg. For example, there is a separation between the cargo area and the space for the driver and passengers. Both pickups and vans are examples of a light cargo.

In our standard range, you will find monospaces and SUVs. We only have light cargo vehicles very sporadically and only second-hand.